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Emma Taggart is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. Originally from Northern Ireland, she is an artist now based in Berlin. After graduating with a BA in Fashion and Textile Design in 2013, Emma decided to combine her love of art with her passion for writing. Emma has contributed to various art and culture publications, with an aim to promote and share the work of inspiring modern creatives. While she writes every day, she’s also devoted to her own creative outlet—Emma hand-draws illustrations and is currently learning 2D animation.

January 2, 2022

Artist Reveals How to Draw Perfect Flowers in 3 Simple Steps

Before photography, botanical illustration was used to document the form, color, and details of plant life, but today, many contemporary artists and illustrators still strive to showcase the beauty of flowers through their art. One of those artists is Kate Kyehyun Park, who paints beautiful blooms in watercolor. The Korean illustrator’s ever growing portfolio showcases her talent for creating beautiful botanical watercolor illustrations, but she doesn’t keep her skills to herself.

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December 6, 2021

Miniature Embroidered Landscapes Look like Tiny Doll House Paintings

While some artists love to express themselves on large-scale canvases, others prefer the meticulous process of creating miniature art. Mexico-based artist Carolina Torres uses a needle and thread to craft tiny landscape embroidery designs that feature a surprising amount of detail. From mountainscapes to meadows, each colorful, hand-stitched scene is displayed inside miniature ornate frames that look like they belong in a doll house.

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December 5, 2021

Inuit Mother and Daughter Show What an “Eskimo Kiss” Really Looks Like

The term “eskimo kiss” might conjure up a cute image of two people rubbing noses; however, the traditional greeting is often misunderstood by Western culture. In a bid to teach more people about Inuit traditions, self-proclaimed “Proud Indigenous” woman Shina Novalinga shares educational videos on TikTok. In one of her most recent videos, she and her mother demonstrate the true “eskimo kiss,” which is actually called a kunik.

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December 4, 2021

Colorful Ceramics Look Like They Have Real Crystals Growing From Their Surfaces

Do you have a fascination with all-things sparkly? If so, these crystal-inspired ceramics by Collin Lynch (of Essarai Ceramics) are sure to catch your eye. He creates tableware featuring clusters of ceramic crystals that look like the real deal. Each 3D crystal is individually hand-carved out of porcelain and placed on hand-thrown ceramic tableware.

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